Elevating the Fan Experience

Our patented technology puts fans in control, deepening your connections with them while creating revenue opportunities.

 “...it’s a patented technology that all professional sports leagues should be falling over themselves to license.”

- ESPN The Magazine

The Future of Real-Time Engagement

Your Call® is an innovative engagement platform, purpose-built for sports and entertainment properties, that allows fans to impact live events. Your Call seamlessly integrates zero-latency streaming with real-time gaming experiences and wagering – providing unique revenue opportunities while getting fans closer to the action than ever before.

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The power and potential of our breakthrough technology has been validated through Your Call Football®, the app that allowed fans to call plays that were run on the field in real, live football games. Essentially Madden in Real Life, across two series and 8 games, fans across the U.S. called offensive plays for nearly two hours - all via a tech platform that delivered a continuous live stream and continuous voting mechanism. Your Call’s patented technology allowed users to track their scores, compete and share with friends.